Hurricane Irma AIR ASSETS PLEASE READ – NOTAM’s, eCOAs and Airspace Plan for FAA


*Please note that we are using the term Air Ambulance rather than medevac, HEMS or HAA.  The term Air Ambulance helps military and DOD operators to better understand our civil capabilities as there was confusion when the other terms were used. 
As you might imagine, there are numerous airports that are reported as being closed.  It is anticipated that airports to the south of Ocala will begin to reopen today to emergency operation air traffic although there may be little to no FBO services. FDOT Aviation is reminding everybody that these airports are PPR regardless of what type of flight profile the aircraft is on and to double check NOTAMs for the airport. 
There is an Air Coordination Area (ACA) agreement (attached) in place and the state is asking that any aircraft that are operating in support of the state (either under ESF8, FEMA, or other local agreements) participate in the ACA discrete code process through the Air and Marine Operations Center (AMOC) unless the aircraft has already been assigned a local discrete code. 
This participation is not mandatory but it will assist SAR and military responders with aircraft deconfliction. It has not been determined if a TFR will be issued as it is hope that the ACA will suffice. If an aircraft has a discrete code for the ACA, and a TFR is put in place, the aircraft will be authorized to operate without any additional changes.  This does not apply to FW aircraft or RW aircraft on an IFR flight plan as they will already be in contact with ATC.
Although it has not been expressly mentioned, there is a significant possibility that the POTUS will be in Florida.  I have been advised that Air Ambulance aircraft will be authorized to work in a presidential TFR with a code from the AMOC.
Please be extremely cautious of UAS operations, both authorized and un-authorized.  The ACA has requested air space operation for these activities to be below 250 ft. and in line of sight.  Unfortunately, we have already witnessed one broadcast operation by the Weather Channel that was NOT in compliance with either the ACA or established FAA regulations.  
An “air bridge” is being established to provide supplies to the Keys and the USS Iwo Jima is being brought in to support air operations.  The entire road structure of US 1 must be evaluated before any ground traffic will be allowed. A fueling location with
As of right now, the military/DOD is expecting to transit numerous aircraft down the eastern coast of Florida into south Florida and then across the Everglades to the west coast and law enforcement aircraft for the various counties will undoubtably be out flying to survey damages.
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