As part of our mission, this page is designed for the easy access and dissemination of critical information regarding current disasters occurring in Florida.

  • Flight programs will be able to post directly to this site up to date mission critical information regarding the location, status and condition of their air-medical assets.

  • State Officials, Public Safety Agencies and Local Authorities can use this information to more accurately field requests for air-medical assets.

  • To receive reimbursement for requests through and documented in EM Constellation, your agency must be registered in My Florida Market Place (MFMP)

    • Click here to register  (

    • Questions regarding registration in MFMP can be directed to: 866-FLA-EPRO (866-352-3776)

  • Procedure for Obtaining a FEMA Assignment Number:

    1. If a request come into your program for a flight request, take the information and, if able to accept the mission, go ahead and launch.

    2. Have the requesting party call their local EOC so an official request can be made through the state.

    3. Give Larry Hall a head-up (if able) so he can be on the lookout for the request.

    4. At the State level, a transport number is assigned and the EOC will call the local source (you) and give you the information and verify if you can accept.

    5. Once you accept, a FEMA number will be assigned. This number must be included in your patient’s chart for FEMA reimbursement.

    6. After completion of the flight. Call back the EOC for closed loop communication so the EOC can close out the request and track it on their side.


Flight Program Managers

  • Please check the page “Official IRMA Spreadsheet” to make sure your program is there and the information is accurate.

    • If not, please add your information or correct it as needed.

    • If you prefer, you can contact anyone listed below with the information you need to add/change or any questions.

    • Michael Austin (386) 473-8449

    • Larry Hall (850) 529-9135

State ESF8 Situation Report 09/13/2017

Fuel Supply Locations